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Good Time Horror Stories

Apr 30, 2021

An alleged paranormal phenomenon occurred in a small home in Spain. In 1971 there was a house in the small town of Belmez where many phantom faces scarred their floor. It wasn't quite clear why they appeared however, a theory explains that perhaps these faces were a manifestation of the woman who lived there...

Apr 14, 2021

Missed us? No? Well, we've missed you. A whole lot actually. We're sure most people are sick and tired of hearing/talking about Covid but, that's not why we're here. We just wanted to have a conversation. Strange, creepy and yet beautiful things have been happening and we'd love to share it with you before we get the...

Nov 28, 2020

This month we had the pleasure of speaking with one of Frank's childhood friends, Robert Afable. During his teens, Robert has had a  few paranormal experiences from his time living in Mexico as well as unexplained events when he moved to the U.S. 

Nov 23, 2020

We went ahead and experimented on how to ignite our inner demons by asking Dre's brothers' about their love life... While we were on the subject, this week we talked about the person behind the iconic voice of the demon on The Exorcist, Mercedes McCambridge. Her approach for this role will blow your mind!